Statement from PCRF Board on PCRF’s Role in PCORnet and Transition Plans

We have reached a major inflection point in the conduct of person-centered research at a national scale, designed to answer questions that are most important to patients and those who care for them.  The 10-year reauthorization of PCORI by the United States Congress and the progress of PCORnet enable us to move towards a bright future.

The People Centered Research Foundation, in its role as the Central Office for PCORnet, has supported PCORnet’s ongoing progress and maturation. With the next stage of PCORnet’s evolution unfolding, the PCRF Board has determined that it is an appropriate time to wind down PCRF’s role in PCORnet and discontinue its activities. We believe PCRF’s transition will optimize PCORnet’s ability to support the conduct of research comparing options for patients with common health problems and helping rare disease groups identify affected people to enable the development of evidence about natural history and effective diagnosis and treatment.

The Board of Directors of the Foundation, in accordance with good governance and stewardship, is working closely with PCORnet leadership and PCORI to facilitate the ongoing progress of PCORnet while implementing transition plans, including addressing funding contracts underway and other roles filled by PCRF.

Each PCRF Board member feels immensely grateful to have been entrusted to provide our expertise and experience to advance the vital mission of PCORnet to reach its potential to conduct patient-centered research for the nation at scale.

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