PCRF Services

PCRF Services

The Foundation undertakes research that expands the evidence base to help people and their families, communities, clinicians, and health system leaders make better-informed health-related decisions with confidence. High-quality clinical effectiveness research that combines clinical assessments with the outcomes that matter most to people is a cornerstone of PCRF’s research activities.

Rapid-response queries

These analytic queries of the PCORnet data network, maintained by PCORnet’s Partner Networks, swiftly generate answers for a researcher to advance knowledge and glean meaningful real-world insights. These queries typically offer researchers counts of patients with specific conditions, as well as information on utilization of various treatments, healthcare resources and more.

Observational studies

There is a wide range of studies that can be executed through the Foundation. PCRF studies may be retrospective or prospective, large or small. They may be based on the PCORnet Common Data Model (CDM) or they may be hybrid studies, which combine different data sources, such as patient-reported outcomes (PROs) or medical record review. The two major distinctions compared with other competitors is the ability of PCORnet Partner Networks to 1) collaborate across the entire spectrum of healthcare stakeholders and 2) tap and efficiently analyze routinely available and curated data from electronic medical resources. See Select Research Projects for examples.

Clinical Trials

The conduct of large, pragmatic trials is a hallmark of the Foundation’s research portfolio. PCORnet has already successfully demonstrated that it can electronically identify, contact and enroll potential clinical trial participants 5-30 times faster than a conventional trial. The Foundation’s infrastructure is shortening the duration of studies while enrolling more diverse participants at a faster rate. And, most importantly, the Foundation is mission-aligned with people at the center of all research, which means that the insights derived will answer the questions that matter most to our nation’s diverse population. See Select Research Projects for examples.

Central to all these efforts is the efficient, cost-effective conduct of research relying on the extendible Common Data Model (CDM), previously developed by PCORnet. The CDM transforms health record data from a variety of EHRs to a common format, which can be consistently used for clinical research and innovation. PCRF is continuously refining and expanding the CDM to accelerate the scope of research within the Foundation’s pipeline.